Ingrowing Toe Nails

Toe nails can become ingrowing for a number of reasons. If you have curved ‘involuted’ nails, you are more prone to the condition as the corners of the nails can become embedded in the side of the toe. Footballers are also prone to the condition as that impact on the tip of the toe can bend the nail inwards. Hot sweaty feet can also make the condition more likely as the skin is soft and liable to be pierced by the edge of the nail.

If you have a full-blown infection accompanying the ingrowing nail – a red, swollen and throbbing toe, then a visit to your GP for antibiotics would be advisable before treatment is attempted. If the redness is restricted to the side of the nail, then the part that is digging in can be quickly clipped out, providing instant relief.

Please get in touch for advice regarding the correct cutting of the nails and help given to prevent it recurring again.