How do I get rid of my Corns and Calluses?

A callus is formed wherever there is pressure on the foot (or elsewhere on the body). The normal cycle of new skin cells being produced and old being shed from the surface becomes interrupted – the skin cells become ‘stickier’ and build up producing a thicker layer of tougher dead skin cells.

If the pressure is particularly intense, then the callus forms a dense, hard centre, or corn. This corn feels as though there is a piece of grit digging into the skin, squashing the soft tissues underneath.

Both corns and calluses are easily removed with the correct instruments. Over the counter corn removal pads contain acid which often damage the healthy, surrounding tissues, and can leave the corn still in situ. A visit to a Podiatrist will not only provide instant relief, but also help to get to the root of the problem. If the initial cause can be addressed, the problem may not recur. This may involve a change in foot wear, a support under the foot, or wearing paddings to cushion a bony joint.

If you need help in deciding which is the best option for you to address your corns or callus problems then please get in touch.