Discoloured Nails

Nails can become thickened for a number of reasons (see Damaged, thickened nails) and this can lead to the nail appearing white or creamy coloured. This is because the extra layers of nail plate decrease the transparency of the nail so the pink nail bed is no longer visible.

If the nail is a more definite yellow or brown colour, then it may be that there is a  fungal infection of the nail. Fungal spores are easily encountered in every day life and if the conditions are right, they will make themselves at home within your nail.

If only 1 or 2 nails are affected, then a topical treatment is best, but If the infection is more widespread, then your GP may decide to prescribe tablets. Whichever method is used, treatment can take some months (up to 12 for a big toe nail) as you wait for the clear, healthy nail to grow through.

The sooner treatment is started, the better and so a correct diagnosis is important. For minor infections, we recommend ‘Nourish your Nails’ (available from the clinic), which not only helps to kill the infection but improves the condition of the nails.

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