Aching Joints?

Aching joints whether within the foot, ankle, knee, hip or even the lower back can be caused by imbalances within the feet.
The foot is an amazing piece of engineering which allows us to transfer our weight, propels us forward, adapts to varying terrain and covers many thousands of miles over a lifetime. Our feet however were designed to work on soft surfaces that ‘give’, not the concrete that we find ourselves walking on these days. This means that our feet have to adapt to this unforgiving surface which can cause all sorts of problems.

If you are experiencing aching feet, ankles or knees, a biomechanical assessment will check your foot function and pinpoint any problems. In many cases, advice regarding exercises to strengthen a particular set of muscles, or simply changing foot wear can alleviate symptoms.

If your foot requires support, we stock a range of simple orthotics (supports worn within the shoe) that can be quickly adapted to individual requirements, and if suitable, will mean that you can walk away with a cost effective solution on the day. You will be advised to bring a range of foot wear with you to ensure that the orthotic can be accommodated within your most widely worn shoes. Some cases are more complex and may require a custom made orthotic, but you will be advised as to the best solution for your particular problem.

Please note that due to constraints of time, foot care (nail trimming, corn removal, etc) can not be carried out during a biomechanical assessment and will need to booked as a separate appointment.

If you are attending our clinic for the first time, you will be booked in for a Consultation and during that time we can either carry out foot care or a biomechanical assessment, depending on which is deemed more urgent, and a follow-up appointment can be made to address any issues that weren’t covered initially.