A warm welcome awaits you and your feet at the Courtyard Footcare Studio

Hello and welcome to Courtyard Footcare Studio based in Warwick Road, Kenilworth.

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort with your feet?

We are here to help. The first thing we will do is establish a correct diagnosis. For example, corns and verrucae are easily confused (even occasionally by GPs!) and require very different treatment. A discoloured toe nail could be as a result of a fungal infection, or could be due to a past trauma, in which case, no amount of medication will return the nail to normal! Before you spend money on expensive over-the-counter treatments, it is well worth investing in professional advice which could well save you money in the long run.



“People often ask me why I would want to work with feet. I know how miserable it can be to experience pain or discomfort with every step, and I enjoy the challenge of returning my clients to good foot health. Many problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, once they have been correctly diagnosed. The aim then is to maintain comfort by identifying why the problem occurred in the first place and helping to prevent it happening again.

Whether you simply need help with nail trimming or have more complex problems, please get in touch. You can call us on 01926 865 985 or email us with your enquiry.”  

We look forward to meeting you.

Kate Harrison and the team at Courtyard Footcare

To find out more about our services or to book an appointment,
please call us on 01926 865985

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